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In business & life, time is a valuable commodity. Hence, it is important to manage your calendar properly. Our extensive calendar management service will make you more time – efficient and help you focus on your business’ core functions. 

Your Howling Assistant will skillfully manage your appointments, appointment reminders, rescheduling of appointments of your business & personal calendars. 

What Our Clients Say

When we were managing our social media in-house, it was all about keeping the pages alive with weekly posts. Howling Assistant has now shown us how effective communities can be for our growing business.
Martin Brady
Managing Director
In a very short period, the enthusiastic team of Howling Assistant has developed brand new sales funnels for our social media, and they get more effective with every small update. I just couldn't ask for more.
Jaqueline Smith
We added Howling Live Chat Assistants in 2016 & we've done numerous deals so the ROI was solid!
Stanley Copper

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Calendar Management is a time consuming and complex task, but a necessary service for many Executive s; however, Assistants serve their Executive Staffs equally important task of planning their working week. In this article, we will cover what Assistants must know to effectively plan their working week. We will look at how an Administration can plan their week, when is the best time to plan their week and what to look for in their Calendar Management Software. Finally we will explore some more advanced topics, so that you can learn how to manage your calendar in the best way possible.

When you start your calendar management system, it will contain all your activities for the week, with dates on when they occurred and how many people have worked on them. From there, you can filter to view just your most active projects or simply activities you were involved in. This will give you a handy tool to quickly see who is doing what, without having to go through your email to see who has emailed you or logged into the internet. You will also have a clear view of which meetings are ongoing or past due, and you will be able to manage these accordingly.

When you look at your calendar management, you will find that you have a fairly large list of activities for your week. Now, that you have this list you can prioritize each task and see which projects are more important. By prioritizing, you will be able to see what needs to be done, what needs to be moved onto next and which projects should be moved backwards. This process can then be used to determine who needs to be doing that task and from there you can allocate the work to the relevant person. Projects that don’t need to be managed or scheduled should be set aside until they arise, allowing them more time to come up with ideas for tackling them.

Calendar management also takes into consideration your time management habits. Time management is an often neglected planning tool, yet it is one of the most important aspects of business. A calendar management system will allow you to prioritize your time, allowing you to spend your time on those tasks that are most important and which will help with your bottom line. You can set priorities management to allow people to see who is most important to you and to assign projects to them. Projects that take longer to accomplish can be prioritized so that they aren’t worked on as quickly as projects that are more urgent.

Project management is also made easier when you have a dedicated calendar management system in place. It is quite common for a project to have many steps and pages to go through, each representing a different phase of the project. Each page or phase represents a separate day that the project needs to be completed. You can dedicate one page to a specific task, such as “press launch” for a new product, and designate another page for tracking progress, milestones and deliverables. With project management software you can organize your calendar like this, marking off days as you complete the various stages of the project. As milestones are reached, you can mark them off so that you know when you have reached each major milestone.

Some of the other features that are commonly found in calendar management systems include event management, project management, and tasks, not to mention Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. There are hundreds of tasks and events that can be scheduled and managed from your online calendar app. Tasks can be planned to fit your daily or weekly schedule, and tasks can be prioritized so that important tasks are always at the top of your list. You can also set automatic reminders to do things, such as updating your schedule if changes occur, or set up email alerts so that you are aware of certain activities. Your online calendar app will provide you with all the tools you need to make the most of your time.