Frequently Asked Questions

Howling Assistant provide our clients with with virtual medical assistants, virtual medical scribe, virtual medical receptionist & virtual medical coders.

Our Howling Assistants are trained and have experience with working with a variety of medical specialties and EMRs.

All of our medical virtual assistants, healthcare virtual assistants, virtual medical coders and virtual medical scribes are highly vetted wand trained.

Howling Assistant is based out of Tampa, Florida.

Our Dedicated Healthcare Virtual Assistant Client Success Managers are located in the United States, Venezuela & Germany.

Most Howling Assistant medical & healthcare virtual assistants are registered nurses (RNs) based out of the Philippines & South America (Bilingual  Medical & Healthcare Virtual Assistant English/Spanish)

Our medical & healthcare virtual assistants are put through a strict application and interview process to work with Howling Assistant. They are specifically vetted for their ability to work in a medical setting.

We conduct extensive background checks on each team member. All Howling Assistant team members are provided certified HIPAA-training.

Additionally, all medical & healthcare virtual assistant utilize computers that are up to our standard in terms of security and connectivity.


Our administrative healthcare virtual assistants can manage back-office tasks, referrals, refill requests, faxing, phone calls, insurance verifications, prior authorizations, eligibility, call patients/insurance companies, and much more.

The integrity & security of your patient’s and medical office data is absolutely paramount to Howling Assistant.

We track and monitor all of our healthcare virtual assistants time and activity using Forensics Monitoring & Tracking software.

This monitoring software allows us to:

Real-Time Employee Tracking

Howling Assistant Medical & Healthcare Virtual Assistant computer monitoring software monitors all Virtual Assistants activity covering 12+ system objects like: web/apps, social media, emails, keystrokes, network etc. Even on-screen content with OCR is monitored with employee monitoring software. 

Compliance Management Features

  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring & Prevention

    Non-intrusive, rules-driven user activity monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention.

  • Conform with Compliance Regulations & Standards

    Assists organizations to achieve compliance and remain compliant with regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.

  • Cover Third-Party and Business Associates

    Content and activity driven rules ensure compliant behavior with respect to employees, contractors, and third-party vendors handling data.

  • Built-In Behavior Analytics

    Focus on context with heavy emphasis on user behavior analytics to weed out false positives, and identify anomalous behavior.

  • Real-Time Policy Enforcement

    Behavior and activity monitoring platform continuously enforces policies and takes immediate action such as Warn, Block, Lockout on detection of anomalies or rule violations.

  • Compliance Audit & Reporting

    Recording of all violations for forensics, to assist with investigations, and to satisfy audit and breach reporting requirements.

  • Protect Privacy Data

    Automatically discover and identify protected information from structured and unstructured data-in-motion. Built-in classification templates for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), Personal Financial Information (PFI) etc.

Data Loss Prevention

  • Real-Time User Activity Monitoring
    DLP solution monitors all user activity including third-party vendors and privileged users for 12+ system objects such as: website, application, keystroke, IM, email, network etc.
  • Powerful Policy and Rule Engine
    DLP software comes with hundreds of pre-built rules, templates and data categories. Create your own rules with an intuitive, visual Policy & Rule Editor.
  • Insider Threat Detection
    Intelligent user behavioral analysis combined with session recording & playback, real-time alerts, immutable logs etc. help identify insider threats before they become critical issues.
  • Content Discovery and Classification
    The DLP solution discovers and identifies sensitive information from structured and unstructured data-in-motion. Built-in classification templates for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), Personal Financial Information (PFI) etc.
  • Advanced OCR
    ‘On the fly’ content discovery with advanced OCR. Detect sensitive text on screen (inside images, applications and even videos) using keywords, patterns and regular expressions.
  • Clipboard Monitoring
    Teramind data loss prevention solution’s Clipboard Monitoring and Interception feature allows you to protect sensitive data from being shared through the clipboard copy/paste operations.
  • Fingerprinting and Tagging
    The softwares powerful fingerprinting and tagging features identify important documents and files and then monitors their usage so that you can keep track of your data even when modified or transferred.
  • Compliance Management
    DLP services have built-in support for compliance and standards like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 etc. and can be adapted to support other regulatory requirements with its powerful Policy & Rules editor and various monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Risk Management
    Use DLP services to identify high risk users, policies and system objects on the dedicated Risk Dashboard. The DLP software’s sophisticated risk scoring helps identify and focus on high risk areas.

As with any medical and/or healthcare practice, it is a physician’s responsibility to ensure HIPAA compliant procedures are in place when working with contractors/employees.

All of our medical & healthcare virtual assistants hold certificates in HIPAA training and are bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines. We also require that our healthcare virtual assistants obtain an NBI clearance, which is the Philippine equivalent to an FBI background check here in the states. The same holds true for our medical & healthcare virtual assistants located in South America.

Each individual virtual assistant sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you. 

There are two ways to grant your virtual assistant access to your EMR, direct username + password with limited access to the system. Alternatively, you can have a computer in your office with your EMR along with remote desktop software that your virtual assistant will have access to.

Should an intentional breach of protected health information occur overseas, you are protected by the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012. This act holds Philippine citizens accountable for their actions and provides coverage to those affected within the United States. You can read more about this act here.

There are various ways to work with a healthcare virtual assistant, and what works for you depends on the tasks you need completed.

We recommend the following software for their efficiency and security, however our virtual assistants can use whatever software you are currently using in your office:

• Practice Fusion EMR for health records
• Zoom or Google Meet w/G Suite for secure video conferencing software
• Google Drive w/G Suite, a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage service
• Updox for fax management
• RingCentral for VOIP, internet based phone system