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Howling Assistant

Professional Appointment Setting Services

Not answering Your Phone
Is Killing Your Business

Missed Calls = Lost Opportunity​

Small Business Owners Don't Answer 62% Of Phone Calls!

We did a little research on our own and out of 50 home service companies we called, only 3 of them answered their phone!

Calculate How Much Revenue Your Business Is Losing By Not Having Professional Appointment Setters

Get Your Calendar Filled With QUALIFIED Appointments

We are NOT an answering service, we are call conversion specialists

appointment setting - calendar

As an owner/operator of your local service business, you have to concentrate on providing your clients the best possible service. That starts as soon as they call looking for service.

Howling Assistants are highly trained appointment setting professionals.

We are NOT an answering service just taking messages. Howling Assistant will learn your business and service inside and out. Then our expert script writers will create a custom script that will qualify callers and warm transfer them to you or we can simply schedule the appointment on your calendar!

We know we can never answer the calls like you do however we come pretty darn close. Howling Assistants have an average of an 88% closing rate of calls we answers for our clients!

Your Business's Reputation Is On The Line...Literally

Regardless if you are an 1 man/woman operation or have 100 trucks on the road, your business reputation and customer experience starts when a customer looking for service dials your number.

Imagine your AC goes out in over 100 degree weather. Imagine your pipes bursting in your home. Imagine finding a huge snake in your bathroom. Now imagine calling a business during your time of need and you get a voicemail. Not a great feeling, right?

Establish your business reputation as the company that can be counted on and who always answers the phone and are always available to help your customers during their time of need!

Appointment setting assistant